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    FOBOM ( Xiamen ) Technology Co., Ltd

    FOBOM ( Xiamen ) Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in March 2015 with a registered capital of 80 million yuan and completed the equity reform in 2018. It is a national high-tech enterprise and ' the most growth enterprise in Xiamen '.  FOBOM shares are two major industries : big data equipment and display terminal equipment.  Big data devices include servers, storage, industrial switches.  Display terminal equipment includes DLP, LCD, splicing LED.  The products are mainly industrial users and used in major national projects such as subway, airport, high-speed rail and armed police system.  At present, it has won the bid of Xi 'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanning, Kunming, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Fuzhou and other twenty cities subway big data and display terminal equipment, FOBOM shares such products have been incorporated into the Xiamen Metro Group, as well as most of the country 's subway group engineering material equipment quality brand list.  

    FOBOM, headquartered in Xiang 'an, Xiamen, has purchased 40,000 square meters of the whole industrial plant in the Bafang Industrial Park of the Torch Garden in Xiang 'an District of Xiamen, mainly producing big data equipment and display terminal equipment.  At the same time, FOBOM shares land requisitioned 35 mu in the northern industrial zone of Xiang ’ an, Xiamen, with a total investment of 1.2 billion. It is about to build the headquarters base of Fuben shares and the industrial park of big data products to further meet the needs of major national construction projects such as domestic subway, airport, high-speed railway and armed police system. After the establishment of the headquarters industrial park, the annual output value is expected to reach more than 5 billion yuan.

    The number of metro cities with fobom brand winning the bid has reached more than 20

    FOBOM brand  has gradually risen in the subway industry, with more than 30 cities winning the bid. It has cooperated with general contractors or subcontractors such as ZTE, Shanghai Tonghao, jingshida, zhongruan, quanlutong, Tonghao information, Electrification Bureau, Jingwei, Kehua, yiyaji...

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    Zhengzhou Metro Line 3

    FOBOM brand is the main supplier of high-definition display products and big data products of Zhengzhou Metro 1、FOBOM 400 LCD screens are provided for passenger information system : meeting the requirements of high visual quality.  Timed or remote real-time control of LCD display ...

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    Chengdu metro lines 1 and 2

    FOBOM brand Chengdu metro lines 1 and 2 provide 108 sets of X86 servers and other equipment for video monitoring system, providing new technologies, such as redundancy technology, system backup, online diagnosis technology, fault alarm technology, memory error correction technology, hot plug tech...

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    Hangzhou Metro Line 3

    FOBOM brand provides 200 sets of LCD displays and 60 sets of X86 servers for Hangzhou Metro Line 3, which are used in the police communication system. The industrial level display has higher reliability: Fall proof, waterproof, dust-proof, high and low temperature resistance, and better meets the...

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    Fuzhou Metro Line 5

    FOBOM brand provides 20 video analysis servers for Fuzhou Metro Line 5 video monitoring system, 23 sets of storage for security integrated platform and 12 sets of storage for passenger information system. The video analysis server has the functions of intrusion detection, theft detection, detenti...

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    Luoyang Metro Line 2

    FOBOM brand is provided for Luoyang Metro Line 2Passenger information system300 LCD displays, 50 x86 servers and 10 storage devices;Video monitoring system96 monitors and 106 x86 servers are provided

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    Xi ' an Metro Lines 14 and 16

    Xi ' an Metro Line 14( 1 ) FOBOM brand provides 204 LCD screens, 34 LED screens and 16 query machines for the passenger information system of Xi ’ an Metro Line 14.     It meets the needs of customers with the characteristics of “ innovation ”, “ technology ” and “ high quality...

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    Chongqing Metro Line 10

    FOBOM brand provides 28 sets of small spacing LED displays for passenger information system of Chongqing Metro Line 10.Using the latest low brightness, high gray, high refresh rate, energy-saving and low-power LED display technology to improve display stability; High gray makes the playback effec...

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    Taizhou Metro Line S1

    FOBOM brand provides 400 sets of LCD displays for passenger information system of Taizhou Metro Line S1, and three sets of 70 M2 cob display screens for command center of special communication system. It adopts the new generation of flip chip series cob packaging technology of miniled products. F...

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    Kunming Metro Line 1 and line 2

    FOBOM brand provides 302 LCD displays for passenger information system of Kunming Metro Line 1 and line 2, 118 monitors and 206 x86 servers for video monitoring system.

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    Jinhua Metro Line 1

    FOBOM brand provides 30 sets of X86 servers for Jinhua Metro Line 1 for video monitoring system, adopts built-in data disaster recovery management, reduces server outage time and improves system reliability.

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    Nanning Metro Line 5

    Fobom brand is Nanning Metro Line 5, the main supplier of high-definition display products: 380 sets of LCD displays and 16 sets of p1.8 small spacing LED displays are provided for passenger information system.With bright and delicate colors, accurate color restoration and automatic brightness ad...

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    Hefei Metro Line 5

    FOBOM brand provides 120 sets of industrial switches for Hefei Metro Line 5, which are used in the integrated monitoring system. It adopts industrial components, fast ring network, fast redundancy, super anti-interference performance, wide temperature environment and other technologies.

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    Positioning Command System for Armed Police System Developed by FOBOM

    Positioning Command System for Armed Police System Developed by FOBOM   The Beidou positioning system for the armed police is a platform for the comprehensive utilization of integrated information. It integrates the public security business data and geospatial data organically, so that ...

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    Visual command and dispatch system of FOBOM shares

    Visual command and dispatch system of FOBOM shares  Video surveillance platform, card integrated application platform, PGIS platform, big intelligence platform, data sharing platform, service platform as the core platform.  Under the support of the core basic platform, based on the...

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    chengdu tianfu international airport

    Chengdu Tianfu International Airport ( IATA : TFU, ICAO : ZUTF ) is located in Lujia Town Airport Avenue, Jianyang City, Sichuan Province, China ( within the scope of the construction of the eastern new district of Chengdu ), 50 kilometers north of Chengdu Center, 50 kilometers northwest of Cheng...

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    Xiamen Xiang ’ an International Airport

    Xiamen Xiang ’ an International Airport ( Xiamen Xiang ’ an International Airport ) is located at the southeast end of Dadeng Island, Dadeng Street, Xiang ’ an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. It is about 22 km west from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, about 25 km southwest from...

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    Fuxia High Speed Railway

    Fuzhou-Xiamen-Zhangzhou High-speed Railway, also known as Fuzhou-Zhangzhou High-speed Railway, is a high-speed railway connecting Fuzhou and Zhangzhou, and is the second fast railway in Fujian Province.  North Fuzhou station, south to Zhangzhou station, the main line is 300.483 kilometers, 9...

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    xi'an-chengdu high-speed railway

    Xicheng High-speed Railway, also known as Xicheng Passenger Dedicated Line, is a high-speed railway connecting Xi ' an, Shaanxi Province, China and Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is one of the main channels of the ' eight vertical and eight horizontal ' high-speed railway revised in 20...

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